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Information Design & Management Solutions, LLC

Information Design & Management Solutions, LLC (“ID&MS”) develops and implements solutions to maximize the effective flow and use of data about a company's products sales and delivery of services, reducing costs, improving the customer experience, and increasing profits.

Many companies have lots of data, different systems, and tracking methods; but these data resources are not being converted into insights or business intelligence.

By engaging IDMS' systems analysis design methods, your company will integrate and use your data resources more effectively, optimizing business processes, eliminating expensive gaps and omissions, and engaging employees more productively in the effective use of information about your customers and the products they seek to purchase.

Improved knowledge about your customers’ current and anticipated needs will enable your company to move from a reactive approach to your market, to a proactive and insightful understanding of your business, resulting in improved agility in the market and satisfied customers.

Expertise and Capabilities
Business Process Optimization







Analyze the current system in place end-to-end, and redesign as necessary, to create an effective flow of process and information throughout operations, resulting in overall cost savings and improved employee and customer experience.

Design new process methods that eliminate identified gaps. Train personnel, and test new procedures to ensure desired improvement and effectiveness is achieved.

Investigate current process and methods in detail, highlighting areas of duplication, omission, or pitfall, where improvements would result in operational efficiency and reduced cost.

Examine current workflow methods and create clear process steps that provide simplicity and clarity to employees’ daily operations.

Design repository platforms intended to improve employees’ retention of “corporate memory,” enabling increased collaboration and awareness of lessons learned from past corporate experiences.

Provide follow up training and support, to ensure that the new methods and procedures are implemented effectively.

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